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Client testimonials

At Robertson Languages you can feel the love for the languages. I had the fortune to attend a ten day one-to-one course there and I really appreciated the professionalism of all teacher and staff.


L&D Manager (Japanese electronics manufacturer)

I really appreciate your speed and the attention you have put into highlighting and tackling issues you found. Alex explained technical issues in our source files which would cause software problems.

Translation Manager (Major Government Department)

Thanks for your prompt and pro-active response with this request for an urgent audio transcript.

French reviewer (US manufacturing corporation)

Brilliant work!! First time in 25 years of working in marcoms I see a translation that good at the first draft!

Legal Counsel (International financial trading company)

Many thanks Alex this translation looks spot on and to the standard I was hoping for.

Managing Director (Software development company)

Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thank you for your help and work last week to resolve the translation questions. This was an important customer for us and I appreciate your professional pro-active approach in dealing with this situation.

Managing Director (Digital design company)

Thank you Alex. I will most certainly remember and recommend you for translation …. and very excellent advice

Project Manager (Prestigious magazine and website publishers)

Thank you very much – this is great [translation] and on time.

Project Manager (Creative marketing company)

Our clients are very impressed with your work, so well done.

Associate (Canadian insurance company)

We appreciate how quickly these translations were prepared. Thank you

Solicitor (Major firm of London-based solicitors)

Many thanks for sending the translation and certificate so quickly, which we have safely received. Thanks for sending these out of hours, it is much appreciated.

Export Manager (Manufacturing company)

Thanks so much Susannah for all your work on this project. You’ve been fantastically efficient as always! Please pass my thanks to the translators too.

Design Director (Digital design company)

A really very good translation and still hitting all internal points we want to make! Very professional translation! Our clients are obviously very impressed and we’re hoping this becomes a bi-monthly newsletter so worth the extra effort.

IT Delivery Manager (Medical services company)

Many thanks Alex. It has been a pleasure working with you. We have found you to be very competent and professional and would be happy to recommend you.

Business Development Manager (Japanese electronics company)

Thank you very much for sharing this [translation] project with us. We appreciate your help in putting this together.

IT Delivery Manager (Medical services company)

Just a quick line to say that my Directors said this morning that they are REALLY impressed with the translation work you guys have done, so thanks and well done…..

Project Manager (On-line publisher of financial information)

Wow, that was fast! Thank you!

Communications Manager (Major government division)

We are indeed very happy with the service we are receiving from yourselves and have been delighted to note an even higher level of quality and efficiency than before – so thank you very much, as this has allowed us to provide an even better level of service to our consumers with language needs. We have been delighted by your service and would like to thank you for the turn-around guidelines that Susannah kindly provided us with, the successful implementation of job reference numbers and an increased speed in actual turn-around times!

Senior Engineer (Manufacturers of performance automotive parts)

Just a quick note to say thank you for the effort in getting this work done for us. Your help was invaluable

Communications Manager (Major US manufacturer)

I cannot explain how grateful I am for you picking up on this and suggesting that you could use files directly from our software. It does save us an enormous amount of work not having to copy and paste from a word document into files. Thank you so much Alex for being so pro-active and thinking ahead 🙂

Export Manager (British exporting company)

Customer service is excellent. Always polite, friendly and professional. Because you always reply to emails, I feel confident that I know what’s going on and at what stage we are in the process. I would feel confident about recommending Robertson Languages to another company or individual needing translation service (in fact I have already done so in the past) because the service you provide from the initial enquiry right through to the completion of the project is very professional. Unless a company has a good relationship with a distributor in a country overseas, it’s very daunting for them to hand their packaging, usage and marketing materials over to a third party to be translated into another language. The fact that you at Robertson languages are open to taking idiosyncratic instructions on board, discussing the translations, answering queries and doubts and taking on your customers concerns is really important.

Associate (Canadian insurance company)

Thank you kindly for providing the translations. We certainly appreciate the quick turnaround time and know that our client will as well.

Project Manager (On-line publisher of financial information)

Thank you very much Melanie, and to the proofreader, for the quickest turn around!

International Extranet Co-ordinator (Shoe manufacturers)

The translation process is working really well, the timescales are good. The quality is of the translations is great, territories usually come back to us really quickly if they are not happy, but there have been no complaints at all.


Account Manager (US relocation management company)

Esther had a lesson with Nicky and she is very happy with how the lesson took place after your feedback/support. Thanks a lot for your kind support, Mark, which is highly appreciated

Account Manager (UK relocation service provider)

Our assignee is very happy, Anna [her teacher] corrects her and does a lot of work helping with distinctions of spoken/written register.

International Manager (Irish manufacturing company)

Delighted with the lesson – trainer is a lovely person who is kind and patient.

HR Consultant (UK Snacks distributor)

My first lesson with Samantha went more than well! Thank you so much!

Business Development Manager (US drinks company)

I want to thank you for all your help; you have always been very professional and attentive. Please say to Teresa that I am deeply thankful for all her dedication and the time she always put into preparing the lessons. She taught me a lot!

Regional Manager (US drinks company)

He is a great teacher and very dedicated and enthusiastic.

Spanish trainee learning English (Self-employed photographer)

I’m really happy with Anthony, he is very professional and he knows exactly how to teach. He makes me feel so comfortable and actually, I think I’m getting more confident speaking English every day.

Head of HR (Financial services company)

I fully agree to all your observations and am very much looking forward to continuing to enhance my command of the English language next year. Great, great thanks to both of you for all your support and effort. I will get in touch with you in late December/early January in order to fix my last set of lessons

International Manager (French pharmaceutical company)

Gillian made me feel very comfortable at the same time as challenging my existing level of French. She helped me realise that I remember much more that I thought possible and she has given me great enthusiasm for the future!

Finance Analyst (US snacks manufacturer)

I could not ask for a better teacher and course

Head of HR (Financial services company)

Your preparation helped greatly in making this training course a complete success, and the materials as well as the schedule were entirely fitting. Great job done!

Project Engineer (Oil & gas exploration company)

I wanted to say thanks to Robertson Languages for good classes of Portuguese I had. They are helping me a lot especially now when I am in Brazil.

HR Manager (Pharmaceutical company)

I found the lesson productive and enjoyable. I am looking forward to our next session.

Wife of relocation assignee (UK relocation service provider)

I take the opportunity of this mail to say once again that I am very happy with M’s lessons, which completely meet my needs.

Head of HR (Financial services company)

Well prepared trainer, high degree of flexibility, broad range of materials to improve command of English. No idea how it could be better – there is already a very high level of quality and support.

Children of relocation assignee (US drinks manufacturer)

I think the way the trainer is working with the boys is most appropriate, she is patient and takes the time to repeat the words several time in a funny way (playing, cooking) so that the kids do not think they have after school lessons, but a real break.

Language Training Co-ordinator (Global engineering consultancy)

The professionalism of the teacher met our expectations from day one, focusing on our personal needs and working on our weaknesses.

Operations Manager (Energy generation company)

I would like to thank the tutor RL for his extremely effective and flexible teaching style and his friendly demeanour. The time has really flown since last autumn when we began the lessons. The German course was extremely useful and fun, bringing my German fluency back to the high level it once was. The materials were appropriately challenging, varied and interesting to keep us eager to come back for more. It may be interesting for us to do more German or Dutch in the future.

Operations Manager (Energy generation company)

R is an excellent tutor and makes the lessons very interactive and good fun. The trainer has brought in more challenging work for the advanced level students and makes it interesting for us.

Country Manager for Russia learning English (Manufacturer of engineering parts)

Great people, great organisation process.

International Manager (Global drinks manufacturers)

Really great trainer, super, professional, I recommend her

Country Specialist (Government agency)

I need to tell you guys, your Arabic trainer is a wonderful teacher. I think the best I’ve ever had. He really gives 100 percent every lesson. Just wanted to let you know he’s doing a great job!

Head of HR (Financial services company)

I am writing this recommendation for Joanne, certainly one of the best English trainers I have ever collaborated with. In my capacity as Head of Human Resources Continental Europe it is crucial for me to find the most appropriate tone and register in my daily business communications at all levels of hierarchy, functions and cultures. Joanne helped me to achieve this highly demanding goal over two years. It was a huge pleasure to work with her as she enriched my languages to the extent where I feel highly confident and comfortable to communicate fluently in a rather difficult language.

Regional Manager (US manufacturers of hygiene products)

[I liked the] professionalism, openness to my needs, kindness of all the team. Great the flexibility to change the course structure which has been definitely functional to reach my goals. Focus from the beginning on Pronunciation and Diplomatic English. Those two topics are really important for advanced learning. I really liked the Diplomatic English part a lot, since it helped me to better understand the real meaning of some discussions I had also in the past. Great the approach to pronunciation with Tongue Twisters.

Assignee learning Swedish (US Relocation Management Company)

Thanks for providing a great teacher. The trainer sounds really great, adapting himself to the needs and profile of the person. He has checked a lot of things in 2 hours only and we have a clear vision of the things we should work on.

MD (On-line retail company)

This was a unique course suited to my needs.

Engineer (Energy generation company)

You were able to adjust to our tight schedule [training]

Head of HR (Financial services company)

You really adapted the course content, high degree of flexibility, high client focus to meet requirements.

Engineer (Energy generation company)

The trainer obviously prepares well for the lessons and this means that they are presented well, with appropriate material and pace. He understands the needs of the group very well.

Children of relocation assignee (UK relocation service provider)

The teacher was good and helpful and the pace of the lesson was good too. The course was not only theoretical but also practical with a lot of talking which is the field where I need the most practice.

Regulatory Consultant (French pharmaceutical company)

Good level of training – very interactive and everyone friendly and helpful

Business Development Manager (Telecommunications sector)

At Robertson Languages you can feel the love for the languages. I had the fortune to attend a ten day one-to-one course there and I really appreciated the professionalism of all teacher and staff. But at the same time I also experienced the friendliness of the people at Robertson Languages, everyone is plenty of enthusiasm and this results in an amazing full immersion in English language and culture. At Robertson Languages, languages are thought, taught and loved, as shown by the rooms of the school which bring the names of famous international writers (from Dante to Tolstoy passing through Goethe, Ibsen and Shakespeare). Once again, I want to say thank you to all the people at Robertson Languages, my teacher, my tutor and all the people there.

IT Manager (Chinese subsidiary of German automotive company)

Very useful and effective. I feel more confident.

IT Manager (Chinese subsidiary of German automotive company)

I improved my presentation and communication skills.


MD (Brand communication consultants)

Anna did a really good job. The standard of English spoken in the office was very high, so she didn’t have as much to do as some of the other interpreters, but as always she gave the groups confidence and smoothed everything out. Her English was of course terrific and her ability to adapt to the changing needs of the groups was also very good – she was good at ‘reading the mood’ of the group and responding accordingly. I would have no hesitation in recommending her as an interpreter in any demanding situation. And as always, she was very well briefed by you and was able to hit the ground running and know what was expected of her.





When quality and results matters, talk to us in any language.


Many thanks Alex this translation looks spot on and to the standard I was hoping for.

Legal Counsel (International financial trading company)

Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thank you for your help and work last week to resolve the translation questions. This was an important customer for us and I appreciate your professional pro-active approach in dealing with this situation.

Managing Director (Software development company)

I need to tell you guys, your Arabic trainer is a wonderful teacher. I think the best I’ve ever had. He really gives 100 percent every lesson. Just wanted to let you know he’s doing a great job!

Country Specialist (Government agency)